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  Italian language schools in Italy  
Learn Italian in Italy

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Scuola di Italiano a Firenze. Studiare l'Italiano con Accademia Europea di Firenze Curso de italiano Florencia
Italian Language Courses in Florence Cours de langue italienne
Italienischkurse in Florenz Ryugakufirenze
Italian in Florence Aprender italiano em Florença
Italian Language school in Florence 
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Italian language schools in Italy


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Learn Italian in Florence

The Accademia Europea di Firenze is an Italian Language, Music, Art and Culture school located in the center of Florence, Italy. AEF is dedicated to providing the ultimate study abroad experience.

Our goal is to build the best program we can to enhance our students’ education, regardless of their major or future aspirations.
Studying abroad has become dangerously close to an extended spring break with some classes at some institutions abroad, but at AEF we are dedicated to educational integrity, individual growth, and an interconnected and comprehensive educational and personal experience that is ultimately life-changing.

At AEF, we engage each student in personal/professional relationships to ensure their safety and comfort. We strive to create full-immersion programs with a structure suited to enhance the students’ experience and growth.
AEF courses are all taught within the context of Florentine culture through an interconnected and comprehensive methodology. Whether it is language, art, history, music, or any other course, students are taught inside of the classroom and are encouraged to accelerate their progress by participating in AEF’s endless activities outside of the classroom.

Learn Italian in Florence

A cornerstone to our educational philosophy is experiential learning and enabling our students to fully immerse in the Florentine and European culture. Students come from all over the world to see this spectacular city and the AEF staff is committed to making sure our students do, while simultaneously elevating each student’s understanding and mastery of the content covered in the classroom.
Both the students’ housing and our school buildings are located in the heart of Florence, sparing the difficulties and dangers of commuting every morning, afternoon, or night.


The school also offers Academic Courses for Credits that are taught in English. This means that students from universities can come for a semester to study Italian language plus two or three other subjects.
Those subjects can be:

> Drawing > Draping > Introduction to Economics > History of Music
> Painting
> Sculpture
> Appreciation of Antique
>Restoration of Paper
> History of Fashion
> Design on Textile
> Global Political Economy
> European Economies in the
Age of Globalization and Integration
> History of Music from the Middle Age to the Early Baroque
> History of Opera
> Theory of Music
> Voice and Voice Coaching
> Italian Diction for Opera Singers
> Libretti
> Performance Practice of Polyphonic Renaissance and Baroque Repertoire

>Foreign Writers in Italy: the Gothic Romance
>Modern European Novel: The Anti-Novel
>Modern European Novel: Le Nouveau Roman
>Modern European Novel: The Postmodern Novel
>A Woman's Gaze: Some Contemporary Women Artists and Writers
>Italian language
>Survey of Italian Literature
>Dante's (Divina) Commedia
>Modern Italian Literature
>Renaissance Art History
>Patron, Artists and Identity in Florentine Renaissance Art
>Italian Cinema
>Italian History through the Cinema
>History of Contemporary Italy from the "Big War" to the crisis of the 1st Republic
>Modern Italy since 1815


The Standard Italian Language Courses are held in 20 lessons per week from 09:00 until 12:30 from Monday until Friday. This allows students to learn the language in the mornings and follow the other activities organized by the school during the afternoons. Those activities are fundamental in creating a relaxed and familiar atmosphere that involves students, professors, staff and facilitates constantly monitoring each student`s progress.

Some examples of the cultural activities are the concerts, lectures, movies, visits to museums and farms, linguistic games, etc. Examples of recreational activities are the wine and food tastings, parties, dinners, sports events, etc. Those activities cover the entire week and make the students practice the language constantly in all of its aspects. This practical application of language and culture drives our study abroad philosophy.

Through the Standard Italian Language Courses the students can add Music Courses , Art Courses or Cultural Courses to form the Intensive Music Courses , Intensive Art Courses and Intensive Culture Courses.

The Accademia Europea di Firenze also offers special courses together with some partners. Some examples are:


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